on and on precious love,

we will meet again ♡

25 November
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Highly possessive ELF who thinks the world of herself needs to meet those boys again and again. Eunhae/ haehyuk is my OTP and Eunsihae's my OT3. I also ship Soori and Seokyu and am against Kyuyoung since forevar. Am bias towards my many bias, and blindly biased towards my only bias. ♥♥♥

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I'm a major procastinator who loves subway/ mac/ every other fastfood restaurant. Average girl in an average town. Wants to fly to Korea and get myself registered as an official ELF. I love the rain and cold weather and I love random stuff. I combat every insult with tons of praises ^_____^
Like everyone else in the world, I have important people in my life. My sgelfs, from Chloe to Xieying, are awesome and we all share a common goal of spreading pearl sapphire blue love. ♥ I have a life outside of fandom which revolves around my family and friends. If you type liKkEe diIshzx or disgrace your own language, please keep to yourself and leave me alone. If you're one of those BOF converts, gtfo.
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